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Meet Christine Ditière Painting and Sculpture

Discover my portfolios of acrylic painting and concrete, ceramic and paper porcelain sculpture



My artistic background

My painting is mainly done in acrylic, and oscillates from contemporary to abstract. At the beginning of each canvas, inspiration comes from nature: sea, wood bark, traces in the sand, rocks or aerial views, but also from the work of great names in sculpture such as John Chamberlain, César, Giacometti ,  then the subject gets lost and flirts with the imagination. Contemporary paintings slide from the figurative to the abstract and are often created from amalgams of materials . My “Compressions” paintings represent sheets or metal objects compressed into monumental sculptures.
It was therefore quite natural that my artistic expression shifted towards sculpture. The brush tool disappears, the hand plunges into the clay and gives three dimensions to my pictorial universe.


Magazine Maison et Jardin Avril-Mai 2024

Loft and decoration magazine spring and summer 2024

Art&Motion Gallery Quimper 2024

Beg Meil artist island gallery June 2024

Presentation of the “Sheet” (painting) collections
Animal collection "Survival" (ceramic)
“Curves” collection (cellular concrete, ceramic)

When a sculpture becomes a painted work
Ceramic Clay

My profile

About Christine Ditière Painting and Sculpture

The classes of Sylviane de La Jarrige, Dominique Ardouin and Laëticia-May Le Guélaff in sculpture have shaped my hands and my mind. After receiving a few prizes, I finally decided to enter the professional scene in 2019. I generally find my inspiration in materials, water, earth, metal and its aging and in the different cultures encountered during travel.


Even though I create mainly for myself, my work has been well received by buyers and casual visitors. A real boost.

Do not hesitate to contact me.

-2018 Guest of honor in Meerbusch (Germany) 

-2018 1st prize at the Ergué-Gabéric show

-2006 Le Floc'h prize of Tregunc Prize

-2004 Pastel mention prize city of Fouesnant

-2003 Clohars-Fouesnant exhibition jury prize

-2002 Fouesnant exhibition jury prize

Acrylic paint

Crumpled and compressed metal sheets, sea and imagination

Painting and drawing in the workshop
cellular concrete sculpture in the workshop


 in cellular concrete



Ceramic clay






Ceramics and paper clays porcelain

Christine Ditière

Fouesnant, Finistère, France


Merci pour votre envoi !

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